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Symbiocene is the second installment of Creativity in a Time of Climate Change. In response to the climate crisis, the 19-person team of creative practitioners, working across a range of creative disciplines, developed the Sym-museum. With a focus on connectivity and natureculture, Symbiocene examines the relationship humanity has formed with the environment. The team developed an informed perspective on environmental science through extended consultation with the on-site team at the Samford Ecological Research Facility. With the intention of inspiring socio-cultural change, the Symbiocene team invites audiences and Sym-museum visitors to join the movement! #sym_museum


Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly is a site-specific and participatory performance and installation that features two dance performers and a dramaturg. The forest-walkthrough choreography and spoken-word takes place on a walking track, with the intention of bringing the participants' focus toward the surrounding ecologies - specifically beneath their feet. Catenaro's interactive fungi installation becomes the epicentre of the work, staged on a three-metre-long bridge. Tread Lightly embodies  interconnectivity through creating a relationship to the locale and through a democratic approach to performance -- allowing audiences to shift from the passive role of "viewer" to participant. 


Catenaro's Footnotes to Stamets [2021] is a multi-media temporal installation composed of 13 agar-agar mushroom casts, two wax mushroom casts, three micro-crochet pieces attached to petrified wood found on site, two pieces of 2.0mm polycarbonate on two separate MDF boxes bolted together [100x1500mm]. The installation is activated through touch and choreography, as the work calls attention to networks and relationships formed between organisms. The work references mycological studies by Paul Stamets and Merlin Sheldrake. 



Catenaro created quality documentation of at SERF for Symbiocene and Tread Lightly. With a focus on fungi, the documentation they produced evidences a dedication to accuracy and attention-to-detail focus. The majority of images are extreme close-ups of micro-scale ecologies. 

The photographs have been featured both on the social media page and on the Symbiocene website. 

Background image: Lichen and moss at SERF photographed by Isabella Catenaro.


Role: Head of Marketing

As the head of marketing, Catenaro was responsible for managing the social media and coordinating the photography and documentation for the Symbiocene social media, website and the event. This process required consistent communication and collaboration with their teammates - who then collectively produced content for the social media page. 

Background image: Lichen at SERF photographed by Isabella Catenaro

ravaging oblivion collage.png

Role: Post-production

Catenaro is proficient in using the Adobe Suite, hence taking the role as one of the post-production editors for both the social media and webpage aligned with their experience and skillset. The majority of images were produced by collating their own documentation alongside photographs by their collaborators. Symbiocene displays a visually complex and distinct aesthetic as a result of the Catenaro and their team's dedication to refined imagery.

Background image:

Photographs by Monique Roy and Amy Vowles, Edited by Isabella Catenaro